Whisky Stones

Just got my Glowforge in the mail today and can’t wait to use it. Have tried to look around the forums to see if Whisky stones can be engraved with a logo or lettering but can’t seem to find the answer. Anyone able to help me out ?

Are these actual stone? If so, depending on the type of rock, yes some of them can be marked.



Like any Stone sure go for it. As long as they’re less than about 1.8” across you should be able to.
Now the trickier part: will lasering them change their taste? That I can’t answer but I’d be cautious.


They’re usually soapstone - which I can’t find a lot of specifics on, but definitely worth trying! The one listing I found said 100% power, 50% speed - which doesn’t translate exactly to the :glowforge: but might get you started :slight_smile:



Likely you’ll need to remove the crumb tray and set the stones up on blocks to ensure the height is OK, since if they’re like my whiskey stones, they are too thick to fit on the tray directly… I’ve played with etching marble, but hadn’t thought of doing the stones!

And always better to start with lower power and work up–but if you don’t have “scrap” stones to test with, be sure you have a good jig or markers so if you have to pick the stone up to check the design, you can put it back exactly where it was, and reprint–nor move the artwork in the GFUI!