White Core Cardstock



I was walking around Michael’s looking for flat stuff to laser (as one does). I found card stock listed as Textured White Core. But I could see that a lot of the section included card stock that was not colored all the way through. The color on the edge of the stack was much more muted when compared the standard stuff.

Here are my tests at lasering off the top part to reveal the gooey white middle. Speeds 1000 and 500 at powers 1 through 8. 1000/8 gave the optimal red removal with the least discoloration of the white.


Well, that’s awesome! :grinning:


Nice to know- thanks for testing!


Awesome, thanks!


Using both 500/8 and 1000/8 you can create a tricolored design.


Well I’ll be heading to Michaels at lunch then. :rofl:

I’m on the hunt for new papers to make some engraved/cut playing card boxes and white core was something I wanted to try. Perfect timing!


That looks awesome! Nice job!


Great find!


Great use for white core paper!