White mdf burning when cut

Hi there,

I have researched on this topic a lot and can’t seem to find the answer. I was hoping you would be able to help me.

I had been painting wood white, then engraving pictures. However, I found white, 1/8th inch mdf and tried that. The engrave is perfect.

My issue is, when I try to cut the wood, it sometimes doesn’t cut all the way through. Other times, it cuts all the way through but will always burn the bottom line of the frame, which I realized tends to go slower when cutting than the others in the rectangle.

Would you please give me some advice?

Attaching images of the burnt area as opposed to the other side.

Thank you!


I had the same problem with white MDF and with a melamine board. To be honest, I can’t recall how I solved it! I find painting my own MDF does better.

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Are you using transfer tape?

I didnt use any masking as its tough with an engraving, but I could maybe try using it just on the edges! Thank you!

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Yea…I didnt have that issue before, but this is soooo much easier! Do you think a higher speed, lower power, and 2 passes would help?

I’m not sure. Maybe.