White Oak Cut, Score and Engrave Settings

I had good success cutting .325" thick white oak.

Cut: 140 speed, full power, 2 passes
Engrave: full speed, 95 power, 270 lpi
Score: 129 speed, 11 power (same as PG maple)

Took a few attempts to dial in the cut. 150 speed was ever so slightly too fast and didn’t cut through consistently. 140 did the trick. Now I just need to sand and finish!


Nice! Mind if I add those to the GF Settings Google sheet?


Go for it!

Having the discipline to take “Lake Time” is a living skill. My wife needs to be physically located at the lake, I can go there mentally.


Beautiful piece!
What did you do to clean it up?

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Thanks! I haven’t cleaned it up yet. I will use my random orbit sander to eliminate the burn on the face (not the edges) and then add some oil to make it pop. That’s it!

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Nicely done - and thanks for the settings.


Nice … now if only we had time for “lake time”. :::sigh:::


Was the background all cut away with the Glowforge, leaving the images and letters to stand out?

It would appear so.

Nice! And I have some nice white oak scraps to work with. Thanks.