White spray paint on laser cut letterings


I’ve been trying to spray paint these letters (see attached) that I’ve laser cut. Other colours seem fine (ie. gold, silver, etc.) but it’s just white that I’ve been having trouble with. It doesn’t seem to coat the sides evenly and there’s always some dark streaks that I just seem to get any spray paint over on. I’ve tried using primers beforehand and also spray painting it more than once.

Is there any other way that I can fix this without having to handpaint the sides? Any help would be grateful, thank you so much!

(the spray paint that I’ve been using is rustoleum satin white)


I’m pretty sure this is your answer - plywood is made up of layers so they absorb like crazy. The metallic paints are just overall thicker, and often disguise things that white just highlights.

Something like modpodge is designed to coat - and it comes in a spray - so trying that as your primer might help quite a bit. Just verify that your white rustoleum is good to go over acrylic paint


I’m not seeings streaks, but I am seeing voids that are inherent to plywood. Is that proofgrade material? Its edges cut (and coat) quite clean.

If the design will still work with dark edges, you could try spray painting it in the material that you cut the letters out from. As long as you do light coats of spray that don’t run, it should keep the edges all one color, which could look more professional than spotty coloring on the cut edge. Or try using MDF or draftboard instead, as it is all of a solid sawdust+glue composition and wouldn’t have gaps in the edges.

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just finished some laser cut letters in white paint. Just keep on applying light coats of paint to the edges, eventually it will cover. Just fog it on. Heavy coats will not work well.

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