Who is the supplier for proofgrade materials?

This is getting pretty bad, glowforge can not keep up with demand on their materials. So can I go right to the source? Who knows who the supplier is? I want to stay with proofgrade because I have had failed prints using non-proofgrade, it is not worth the time or effort to mask and recut IMO.


It is not available directly. It is produced specifically for GF.

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Do you know who it is? I understand that they can not sell directly, but either glowforge needs to relinquish control and let us order, or figure out something to meet demand. They sold out in what… 3 days???

Nope. It’s never been shared, for obvious reasons.

Why don’t you find a local supplier for material? Beyond the starter package of material i have never used proofgrade.

This has been discussed many times, and Dan commented on it in the June update. You’ll also find it many times in Problems and support.

There is a pandemic, and it has affected supply lines of all types.


If they are out I get materials from Woodpecker which you can on Amazon and others that have just as good materials but you will need to mask it which I have no issue with. I have also got some from Home Depot and just cut to size.

I have also used Woodpecker and the purebond from Home depot. Both cut great. i mask my wood prior to cutting. And, it’s much cheaper. i like the pg material, but since it’s not available have come to rely on local stuff. i do like the veneered walnut and cherry and really haven’t found a source for it locally or online.


Guy- Look at Johnson plastics Plus. They have an entire laser bits series that works JUST like proofgrade. you have to apply your own tape but they always have stock.

Rumor has it that the supplier’s name is " Groof Prade"