Who knew that you could use soda bottles as shrink wrap?



Looks like this would combine well with some laser projects.


I wonder how much the plastic bottles can shrink.

I go through a lot of 2 liter bottles.



Would never have thought of that, but I guess it makes sense, considering how they get stretched out in the manufacturing process.


That is amazing, especially knowing how expensive shrink tubing is to buy, although it would be a pretty big cable to use one of those bottles to seal a wire joint. :grin:


Frankly some of the ever-lovin-frick-n-frackin shrink wrap packaging you have to try to get off of your purchases reminds me of plastic bottles…they’re about as easy to cut through. :worried:


Thats a super cool use!
I like that alot. And a super inovative application. I dont think i would put it in my house? but i like it.


That sort of thing really gets the wheels turning. Thanks for sharing!


I suppose if you are really good with a heat gun you could get it exceptionally small … the one on the left is a 2L bottle (not my picture I thought I had one but I don’t) The actual process of watching bottles go from a pallet size box of these little test tube looking things to an injected blow mold bottle filled with liquid and labeled in seconds is pretty fascinating to watch happen


I’ve no idea why but now I want to make one of those.


My sister uses the plastic see thru takeout containers as shrinky dinks…remember those??
Color, cut and bake to shrink


Very inspirational, thanks for sharing that.


Those and colored Sharpie type markers make for bold colors.


Funny you would mention this…I read about how to do that, went to our local store and bought a few clear plastic containers from the bakery department. It was an utter failure. I mentioned it on here and someone said that what I was using must have been the wrong kind of plastic. I was very disappointed. :unamused:


Theres a specific code on the bottom. #6 plastic is the one that shrinks. Bake at 350° until they lay flat…around 2-3 mins.


Have you tried a can opener?


No, but I sure will next time. Last package I tried to open had that really thick kind, and I wrestled with it for the better part of half an hour using box cutters and shrink-wrap scissors. (Double thickness and press-formed down around four clamps, in between them and all around. It was a royal pain in the arse.) :frowning:


Actually, I knew that. I went through a phase as a kid where I wanted to… see how fire would affect certain materials. Of course my favorite things were the ones that would build up pressure when heated and ultimately explode. All fun and games until I thought I was far enough away but got hit with a piece of glass shrapnel about .25" from my right eye. Wasn’t big. Didn’t leave a scar. Just a memory. :slight_smile:


My Mom got us a special packaging cutter as a Christmas gift for the family last year. green handles and off center cutters to cut that seam on the bubble packaging.

I will try to post a pic.

daughter double prime appropriated them so I don’t know where they are now.


That would have come in mighty handy…


After I started getting into 3D printing, I found myself to stop looking at plastic as ‘objects’ (ie a bottle) and more like ‘raw material’. I now have this inexplicable urge to get a whole lot of bottles and toss them into a chipper.