Who put the designs in my workspace?

I don’t remember this being discussed before and don’t even begin to know what terms to search for, but I just had an interesting experience.

I had not used my GF for a few days. Today opened my GF app and found a half dozen designs that I didn’t put there. I have not shared my GF with anyone, so as far as I know, I’m the only authorized user.

Did I miss something? I sorta thought that my workspace was mine only.

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If they have pictures and instructions in them, they’re probably more of the freebies that we all get for being founders. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, those are just :glowforge: keeping their promises as they become available. Use them if you like them. Delete them if you are absolutely sure you will never use.

I take it you have a production unit? There should be credit in both the :proofgrade: store and the design store.

You don’t see the credit in the :proofgrade: store until you add things. I don’t know how it works in the design store yet as I am still on my (their) PRU.


OK, interesting.

I saw in the store that there were a couple of designs listed as “already purchased”. These were pretty simple and I figured that they were freebies just to show how the store/designs worked. I didn’t realize they would be loaded automatically into my workspace. And yes, there is credit in the design store. (my proofgrade credit is long gone.)


I think we’re supposed to get all the designs that were featured in their ads. They weren’t all ready at launch.

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I’ve seen the same peculiar thing. It shows my projects in order then I go to start up in say like 4 hours and some of the free designs have migrated their way into the first slots showing as if I just printed them. It’s happened a few times already, like invisible people have been using my :glowforge: while I am away. Is that what you are talking about?


Exactly. I’ve since deleted from the workspace and they have not reappeared, so guess it might be a one-shot deal.

I have passed along to feedback about how designs are added. Thanks!

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Not really a problem, just unexpected.

I would have expected the give away designs to have appeared as free items in the catalogue, not pushed into user’s workspaces.

Is the design store available yet?

Yes to people with machines it is. https://glowforge.com/latest-improvements

Although I have a (pre-release) machine, I do not yet have access to the design store. I think it is only for people who have their permanent machines. So I’m glad they pushed these designs so I didn’t have to wait to see them.

I imagine if you deleted them from your design space, you could re-download them in the future as if you had purchased them as unlimited use designs.