Who remembers this TV Series?

I use to watch the TV series when I was a kid, seeing the reruns on an old black and white in our basement thinking it was the best show. I see it now and it is pretty lame lol. But one of the first great shows with good special effects. I use to make eagles out of my legos and fly them around the room. Brings back some good memories.




Not sure what TV series it is, but awesome cool craft! :grinning:

It was called Space 1999. Typical 70’s show where they put nuclear waste on the moon and it exploded and shot the moon into deep space. Think Star Trek on a moon taking them to a new planets and adventure each week. But in 70’s clothes lol


Oh dear! That must have been something. The 70’s re-runs that I see now are kind of cringe-inducing from a fashion standpoint. :sweat_smile:

I would go to my best friends house and watch. I assumed I would living on the moon when I grew up.


I don’t remember the show … but, love your space ship!

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I had one of these:

… which you could totally make better with a Glowforge now.

The eagle is great! Nice work.


Battlestar Galactica. Greta show in the 70’s

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Totally! Dr. Theopolis was the best!

Wow I totally forgot about that. I wanted that and a big eagle for Christmas but never got it. I think the eagle was like 19.99 and that was like $100 back then.

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Same here! I wanted but, never got the big eagle. That would have been so fun! :grinning:

Martin Landau and Barbara Bain!!

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Why hasn’t someone designed a battlestar galactica or raptor or viper yet?

wow, love it! thought it was battlestar galactica initially

I do…and it seemed soooo far into the future at the time. I had an Eagle Lander as a kid and actually thought about purchasing the files just a few days ago. Looks fantastic. Well done.

How long was the cut time and how low was the assembly time?


Love this build. So cool and nostalgic!

I don’t remember. Cut time wasn’t long though. Assembly I did while watching TV so it was over a half season of the Expanse lol. Let the glue dry a lot between steps.

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That is AWESOME. The ship (style) was called the “Eagle”, right? I loved the show, and your design is amazing.

Whole series is available to stream:

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Yep the Eagle. Looking back at it I think they seem to wreck an eagle or two an episode, I’m surprised they had any left in the last season.

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