Whoa Nellie! There's a Downside to that Venting! 😖


My five a.m. wakeup call…


Still too cold to have the windows open at night… (then it really wakes you up); we have one that walks right past the bedrooom.better than stepping on these though :scorpion:


Don’t DO that when I’m drinking coffee! Spew!


Pepe le Pew heard there was a new “pew-pew” in town, and swung by to check it out. :smile:
(Whole yard stinks now…at least the smell inside the house has faded somewhat.)

I love spring. I can hear the mockingbirds firing up now.


…and here everyone says lasering leather is bad!


Quick, burn some acrylic to displace the odor! :slight_smile:


Or I could laser some eggs…they stink a bit. (Oh jeez…I wonder if that’s what drew the skunk…they eat eggs.)

Uh-oh! :open_mouth:


Considering they emit that foul stench, what the hell could you use to repel a skunk?

Non Sequitur if I recall, the forest animals are gathered around a skunk and a deer is holding his nose… " Oh man! I told you a surprise party was a bad idea!"


When I am cutting eggs with my dental drill some can smell really bad. I think it maybe the inner lining in the shell burning. The Glowforge would be a lot faster than cutting them by hand and less dusty.


Yeah, I drill them with a Dremel to blow them - same stink for that process.


It’s so cool that there are so many egg artists in this group! I thought I was a freak or something.


we are. :slight_smile:


Eggs are just such cool little containers for so many things! :smile:

Speaking of which, (everybody), if you’re gonna do eggs, better start blowing a few in advance. I really ran through my stash in a flat hurry.


Also, get free range eggs. They are supposed to be sturdier (thicker shells).


Generally yes. Thicker yolks and whites too. If you know anyone who keeps ducks, those are some good strong shells too… and they make a mean omelet!


I can attest to this. A friend ended up with more eggs than he could sell this year so we get several dozen any time we ask. Shells are much harder, and like @jbv said, their yolks are thicker, and darker. I end up boiling a lot since we’ve been getting so many, you really have to put a little more effort into cracking them, compared to the commercially raised one :slight_smile:


Yep! Hubby used to work with a woman who’d bring in farm fresh (free range) eggs every week. Taste was richer, shells were thicker, and I loved all of the pretty and unusual colored shells. I dubbed her the egg fairy.

We relocated so that he could work in a different office, and that’s one of the few things that I miss. On the plus side, we have enough space to raise our own now…


Yep, I’ve had to deal with skunks far too often. :dizzy_face:

Also yes, my farm raised chickens have much thicker eggs.
They are also all shades of brown and green.
Every one of them more delicious than any you can get in the store.