Who's scheduled for delivery today?


Looks like there should be several Forges riding around in delivery trucks today, destined for a new home.

It would be great to see some delivery photos and unboxing/setup videos, since we didn’t get a lot of that with the first delivery to a forum member!


This guy

Smiles and puts two thumbs up



I’m also hoping for an update today. It’s about time we got another one, and with Forges being delivered it would be great to ride the wave!


Any plans for your first print?


More like, any plans for a break in the first 12 hours? …To which I say nope.


Mine too. Main box between 9:45 and 1:45, second box 11:00 and 3:00.


Sweet. I look forward to some videos or at least pictures!

Don’t forget the rest of us!


I’m surprised they show different delivery times for the 2 boxes. I would think the would be on the same truck.


Have a friend come over and document and post for the rest of us to see! That way you won’t be tied up!


That means #1 will be the small box at 9:45, and the actual GF at 3. (which would drive me nuts yet is still way better than the rest of us antsy schmucks)


I rarely receive split consignments together, even when the come from the same place. And the shipper I used gave absolutely no discount for two boxes to the same address. One of my suppliers used to tape two 24kg boxes together to get cheaper shipping. Poor delivery guy had to carry 48kg on his own.

Never had a split consignment through customs though, that will be a nightmare I would think.


Congrats to all! You guys have fun :smile:


How far out from delivery did you get your notice from GF that your system was shipping soon?


I am surprised as well.


It says the 72 lb Glowforge is the early box.


10-14 days, I think, from first notification.


Thanks I appreciate the information.


Who has two thumbs and is getting a Glowforge today?
This guy!


Was interested to see the first Production unit serial numbers if y’all post pictures, but after looking at this Pre-Production sticker I’m not sure it gives any useful info.


I’m tempted to drive down and “Help” you unbox it. Not that you asked. :slight_smile: