Why can"t i download glowforge files i paid for

Why can"t i download glow-forge files i paid for, i mean i have other lasers and I’m paying for the service?

Most likely reasons Monthly service is locked to Glowforge’s system due to terms with other creators/designers and this insures that people stay subscribed vs downloading all designs for offline use and canceling services. This also insures the designers gets paid per the terms of how many times a design is used.


Because you bought the right to use the file - not change the file or redistribute the file.


Primarily this. I only sell designs to Glowforge because I know that a user can’t easily turn around and sell it, aka stealing.


“Can’t”. All copy protection is vulnerable. GF gives it a good effort, though they aren’t likely going to help you if the file leaks and it for sale elsewhere, and they have an indemnity clause whereby you’re responsible if any of your design gets drawn into a copyright claim.


Of course there’s no absolute protection, but GF’s protection is far better than the wild, wild west of Etsy, et al.


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