Why do other laser makers do this?

It seems like every open air laser manufacturer on the planet is trying to kill us. They always show this same type of nonsense with their lasers, no containment, no ventilation, in a completely white room.

Anyone who has ever seen the inside of a dedicated smoker’s lounge knows that the walls would be yellow and sticky. Also the lady in the Bono glasses will have 3 different types of lung cancer in less than a year, but at least she’s wearing safety glasses.

Also that caption…


It’s not just open air laser people. Glowforge’s original promo was absurd, with a laser right in the middle of an open-concept kitchen.

But the original filter, you say. Not present:

The entire thing is ridiculous vaporware in the face of the realities of plywood smokes.

And it didn’t get better. No vent, no filter, white room:

from Make more with the Glowforge 3D Laser Printer - YouTube

Then this one more recently in a classroom:

Which is weird because of the angle it’s propped up at…but this one shows the filter and a blink-or-you-miss-it view of the vent hose:

I don’t think I’d trust the filter in a closed classroom (or anywhere, really). If it cakes up or the charcoal gets saturated you have a toxicity problem around a bunch of kids. Seems like it’s begging for trouble.

Or this one from a year ago, let’s engrave a hammer handle with no ventilation:

(and apparently a wooden crumb tray? Or a liner since the tray is probably taken out. Maybe they propped up a piece of PG ply to get it to the right height, idk. Most likely, they wanted the look of the thing to feel warmer than the bare interior of the GF.)

Marketing, man. It’s almost as bad as food commercials.


this one has a vent hose going somewhere. :slight_smile:
That original filter stacked under the machine had me sold on the whole laser in the house concept. I guess it was too good to be true.


At the cartridge price, yes. :anguished:


Good eye!

I can’t blame them for focusing on the cool things you could make and idealizing the spaces they were put in. “Your laser will get filthy and stink” isn’t exactly a selling point.

Oh, and “potentially poison you and your kids and pets”. Really not surprising they leave that part to the fine print.


Oh…but wait! The window’s open a bit…doesn’t that count?

:wink: :rofl:


you act like thinning the herd is a bad thing?


My somewhat serious opinion is that as most of these are manufactured and sold by businesses in countries with little accountability for customer safety, and certainly very few controls, that they simply don’t care any produce the cheapest product possible.


Hey, but she’s wearing safety glasses, so all is well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is she? Generally laser safety glasses aren’t dark. With a diode laser like that most likely the beam is bright purple, and safety glasses for those kinds are generally amber in color.

Like these:


The orange clashed with her outfit.


Am I the only one who looked at computer magazine ads in the 90s and was bothered by how none of the machines were ever plugged in to electricity or their peripherals?


Yeah reminds me of this:


After years of pointing to the photo of what I want in the restaurant and seeing what I am given, open a candy wrapper to discover it is all wrapper and no candy, or ordering a table router and discover the router part is three times the cost extra, it would not be that much of a shock of you got the computer and discovered that the image was just printed on the screen and the stuff to make it work was extra. I have a lot of stuff like that, like a food processor that will permanently die if you try to cut anything harder than a mushroom like an apple or zucchini.


That was a FEATURE!


I spot Dan and the twins in that third photo.


Long long ago, I cooked the chicken for a Kentucky Fried Chicken print advertising (& poster) campaign in CT. The first batch was perfect (I was picked because I could consistently cook it well which was somewhat uncommon - it’s cooked in an oil filled pressure cooker so you couldn’t look to see whether it was done).

But the photographer didn’t like it. Said it needed something to make it pop. Wanted to see the 11 herbs & spices. So I burned a batch and then cooked another batch for the photos. The burned batch created black flakes of burnt oil & chicken coating so the next batch had nice sprinkles of “herbs & spices” adhering to the fried chicken :stuck_out_tongue:

(I had to throw out the oil in that fryer afterwards. It taints all subsequent batches.)


Not nearly as gross as other stories I have heard.




that makes me think of being a kid and being in a commercial for pizza hut.

i discovered how they made the pizza look “steaming hot” (or, at least, how they did it in the 70s). a cigarette. then blowing smoke through a straw onto the pizza and filming it as it started rising.