Why does Glowforge refocus after printing?

Hi all! I’m using manual settings for custom material. I’m finding that hitting “Set Focus” before sending the design to the printer is important for alignment.

I have noticed that the Glowforge is deciding to refocus after each print! Does anyone know why this is the case? It is seeming to mess up the focus of what I’m working on, so I have to “Set Focus” each time, even though I’m printing just inches away from the design I just printed. If there’s a way to prevent it from focusing after printing, let me know! Thanks!


Says focusing because it is updating the bed image after your print i believe.

I think it relates to why it focuses before printing, when I have specified material thickness and focus height. I believe it is just “homing” the focus mechanism, and not actually focusing on anything. For one, what would it “focus” on if there is no material in the heads home position.

Yeah not really getting a new focus height from the material, just moving the lens up and down to calibrate. If you don’t open the lid, cancel the print, or load a new design, set focus won’t need resetting. Print something, move it around on the same sheet without opening the lid and it doesn’t need to refocus. Though if you move the design and the material is not dead flat, you might want to redo Set Focus.


When the camera resets the focus on its own, it used to reset to zero height and make it hard to see what it had done. Now it leaves the setting the same till you open the lid. Once the lid is open and closed again the difference in the height of a dust mite makes a difference in the angle that is then massively affected by the math of the straightening as we have been told by the Mothership.

In any case I am running set focus before any cut and if the set focus moves from where I picked I use it again till it stays put,

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