Why does Inkscape resize my images purchased through Etsy?

I can open a file in the Glowforge UI and it is 3.55in X 10.703. Then I go into Inkscape and open that very same file and it’s 2.668in X 8.032in. Why is this happening and is there a way to fix it?

Somewhere in your Inkscape preferences is a default dpi setting. Change it to 96.

That will make Inkscape and Glowforge agree on file sizes. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see them at the same size the original designer created them. SVG files don’t preserve sizing information, so there should be some means provided for you to be able to make sure it’s the right size.


Yeah how old is your inkscape? If you haven’t updated in a while 96 has been standard for a couple years.

I tried this and still get the same results. In fact it was already set to 96 DPI

I’m running Inkscape 1.0.1 currently

If the file was created in Illustrator, it can still have a different dpi output than Inkscape. What has worked for me when in doubt, is to open up the file first directly in the GFIU. Then use the Export file feature (3 dots; export design). Then you’re guaranteed the file is correct in size. Then open it in Inkscape.


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