Why Glowforge is so tight lipped about design

I stole an idea from Glowforge today. I have struggled with the air assist on my K40, I tried an aquarium pump, and a small air compressor. Both were better than nothing, but only just barely. In a previous post the fan used in the Glowforge was pictured. It’s a pretty novel idea. Most lasers use a 50L/pm aquarium pump.
This morning I ripped a blower out of an old MacBook, and sat down and designed a bracket to mount it too. It was a 5V fan, so I cut an old USB cable, and used an old USB charger to power it.
It’s not pretty, but it works way better than others I have tried.


Its what people do on 3d printers as well… For many years.


Yes GF would have been better with radial blower instead of an axial fan with a small duct. Also I think blowing down through the honey comb is better than blowing across with a blind honey comb.


Very resourceful. Big improvement over nothing. That is just the kind of project that turns my crank, improving something with what’s on hand.

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