Why I am not worried

While I am naturally an optimistic person, I won’t lie and say I wasn’t disappointed by the announcement the other day. However, I still truly believe that @Dan and the Glowforge team are the best people for the job and I have no doubt they will deliver a great product.

What Brad Feld (investor) had to say about the announcement in the recent GeekWire article made me even more confident in the Glowforge team.

“They are well-funded and we have significantly more capital available for them,” he said of Glowforge. “As a result, they can do the right thing long term by being patient and deliberate with product development, to insure that it is perfect when it ships, rather than rush something half-baked out the door.”

Added Feld: “Given that we just had a board meeting and I saw their financial plan, production schedule, and shipping plan, I’m very comfortable with the path we are on. I’m also in contact with Dan Shapiro on a very frequent basis and he and his team are as strong, clear, transparent, and as capable as they get.”

The delay sucks, but I stand firm in my belief that this thing is going to freaking rock.


So reassuring! :slight_smile:


Im with you there, couldn’t agree more

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Perfect. I am not worried. Not one bit. Disappointed but not surprised. Plan for the worst but pray for the best.