Why I bought the GF


I never planned to buy a GF. My sister @mspricethelibrarian, was excited but I hadn’t caught the vision UNTIL I went to the San Mateo Maker Faire. I saw this beauty in action and thought to myself…I could do that. And so, with how Dan and team made it look so easy in a small trade show booth…I too became a GF owner. This is what sold me, scanning a picture drawn by my niece, and in less than 5 minutes having a lid to a jewelry box created from her art.


Very nice!


And is there any better reason? :slight_smile:
That is simply awesome.

Some have asked me how much of my investment I’ve recovered. So far my best answer is “I can’t even begin to put a value on what we’ve gotten out of it. My son has an engraved lunch box. My daughter has engraved drumsticks. They both have one-of-a-kind self-designed leather bookmarks. I’ve made gifts for people that are so personal and could never be purchased in any store. Put simply, I’ve not only gotten some return on my investment… I’ve greatly profited.”


I can’t imagine how proud she is to own THAT jewelry box!


That is wonderful!


Yep. Pretty impressive.
Thanks for sharing…my date got pushed back so I need the encouragement to hold on. :wink:


She LOVED it! Aunt Jac…that’s my picture!!!


My date got pushed back as well. My machine doesn’t ship until mid march of 2018. Luckily, my sister has hers and let’s me use it. Hold on…it is AMAZING!


Yeah…same here for ship date (as of now).


Sweet! My primary motivation was the payola we get for posting positive comments, but making stuff is a nice side effect.


In the end it is not about money, It’s what you feel being able to do something like that… or in my case, the smile in my girlfriend’s face. Priceless.


Today a lid for a jewelry box, tomorrow personalized jewelry.



Love seeing the artwork from future DaVincis. Awesome! :grinning:


Very well said. Some of our most valuable items have so very little intrinsic value. (Unless we are talking my Larry Bird jersey…then it’s PRICELESS!) Ha!


I’m delighted that you and your niece get to create together. I hope to see hew drawings on more objects soon!