Why I like the new absolute positioning

Absolute minimum of scrap! :grin: with the engrave not over the edges.


Early on, dan was resistant to this because he wanted the camera to be magical. It is pretty cool, but I am glad that they relented. Now my only complaint is that 0,0 is upper left, and most things I work with 0,0 is lower left. Not a game stopper though, I actually wrote an instructable (now way out of date) about using alternative zeros with a cnc router.


I have marks on the sides my crumb tray showing the absolute limit of the cut along the lower edge.

I have been cutting ear savers to within 1mm of the edge, leaving a fair amount of material at the top, that will allow me to get another whole row from when I get around to it. Of course, handy for all projects/materials.

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The camera is a lot more magical in a good way (no unintended magic) but all I want is repeatable numbers. I don’t care a lot what the numbers are (unless it is in furlongs :roll_eyes:)

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Yeah I can translate anything because my 3d printer is always in metric and most everything else defaults to inch and decimal.

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Hee hee, I like it top left - that matches the new Inkscape :slight_smile:

0,0 is also the top corner of my permanent jig.


You can fix it in Inkscape back to “normal”… :wink:
First thing I did.


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