Why is acrylic ... out of stock!

I keep trying to BUY ACRYLIC but the Glowforge shop is frequently out of stock as it is today. Glowforge wants us to but Proof Grade but keeps us from dong so. Bad Marketing.

Is there Another source?

There are several other sources. You can just search here:

I know several people here almost never use Proof Grade materials.


…or for a good cause - haveing sold it all to us for making earsavers.


From Dan: Proof Grade (SOLD OUT) too often

Also, that thread has some other acrylics suppliers listed. There are no shortage of acrylics supplies listed here in the forum.


What may be a solution for you - is to add alerts on what you want to buy - on the specific order page of the acrylic that is out of stock, you can hit the request button and the shop will email you when it is back in stock. Then order quickly - make sure your Glowforge shop emails don’t go into junk folder.


Don’t know where in Chicagoland you’re located, but a quick google search turned up >20 plastic suppliers in/near Chicago. Ditto sign-making shops – both are often great sources for acrylic.

For example, my local plastic supplier charges $100 for a full sheet of 1/8" acrylic, pre-cut and wrapped into 20 GF-friendly 12x18 pieces. That’s $5 per piece, less than a third of the price of 12x20 PG. I’m knocking out Ear Savers at just under 7 cents per piece for material.

Don’t get me wrong – for certain applications, I’ll gladly pay for PG acrylic, but can get 80% of what I need locally.


Hey Dwardio,

Any recommendations for the New Jersey area? I’m a new member of the community and would love some recommendations on acrylic and wood to use on the GF.


Welcome to the forum. The search function is your friend. TAP Plastics, Canal Plastics. Estreet Plastics, Johnsons Plastic Plus. Ocooch Hardwoods, Home Depot, Lowes, Colorado Heirloom, Inventables, etc., etc. etc.


Thank you! I’m a little nervous with not using PF materials but it can be rather pricey and difficult to get if they are sold out.

:proofgrade: wood is sanded and finished and that is better than anything else you can buy, though only if the design is straight cut and use. Cast acrylic, however, is pretty much the same no matter the source. I ordered a number of sheets from Estreet and two weeks later used a gift card to buy :proofgrade: acrylics. The :proofgrade: arrived before the Estreet materials.

Hi, Janissa and welcome to the forum!

If you google for “plastic supplier near me”, you’ll get a list of candidates. Ditto “sign shops near me”

Good luck!


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