Why is it

… when I make a cut shape in Illustrator I NEVER seem to remember to make sure that the stroke is set to center before I upload it and press that magic button? It’s maddening! I should probably make a sign to remind myself but knowing me the stupid thing would double cut the edges.


I find that the very act of making a checklist tends to make the checklist unnecessary.

I don’t use AI, so this is not a problem for me, but I do, or I should say I fail to do a lot of things like this sporadically. My “favorite” is forgetting to compensate for kerf.


In inkscape it is harder to make it a double line … and cleaning up after you do.

i’m curious… do you not have it set as center by default? mine is centered by default, so the only way it isn’t centered is if i change it (intentionally or unintentionally).


You know it’s probably not. When I work a lot in AI and I remember to check/fix the stroke I don’t have the issue with the files I create in that stretch. It’s when I haven’t done anything in a while (in this case it’s been a few weeks) is when I find that I forget to check it. The version of Illustrator I’m using is CC 2020, and I haven’t been able find clear instructions on how to set the stroke to center by default.

i’m not sure, either. it doesn’t work like InDesign, where you set things with no documents open and that becomes default for all documents. which includes stroke being centered, inside, or outside.

but fwiw, when i open a new document (also in 2020), my stroke is set to center by default.

I think this can occur if when you create a new file, you are using a web document preset.


well damn, i think you’re right. when i use print (which i use 99.999% of the time), i get centered. i just created a couple of different web new docs and it’s inside by default.


I’ve never had this happen - I wondered what the difference was between using a web document vs a print document. I had been using Ai CS5 until just recently when it would not cooperate with my OS anymore. I’ve only used print… guess I got lucky and I chose the right one. lol


This is so weird. I have a custom layout that I use in AI when making files - looks like I need to create a new one. We’ll see how that goes.

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