Why only 1 radiator fan?

Short story : Why only provide 1 120mm fan when GF has a 240mm radiator? GF Basic.

I’ve only just received mine a couple of weeks ago. Had to downgrade from Pro to Basic due to the law here. Successfully completed 3 tiny prints with the Maple hardwood sample. Then last week tried to cut something proper, will take twenty odd minutes. (This is when living in a tropical country is a con when using GF. We start at the very end of it’s operating temperature.) The GF needed to cool down lasting over and hour each before continuing to cut again.

Scouring through the topics reading up possible solutions, plenty of them. I decided I’d go the peltier route. While measuring to cut a hole on my desk for the intake and checking out GF system, I noticed they only used 1 120mm fan on a 240mm radiator in the GF. Question i why not just use 2 to help with cooling? Secondly, can we just add on another? If this is possible and solves the cooling issue, I just wasted $60 getting a peltier kit + building a housing for the thing.

If you are in a tropical climate it may not be possible to shed the heat even with two fans. A peltier is active cooling, so I doubt that you have wasted your money. It should be possible to cobble something up.

There is no “radiator” in Basic model of the glowforge.

The temperature limits apply to the cooling system for the laser tube, which is the large glass enclosure that runs along the gantry. Moving cooler air through the machine (better exhaust system) is the best way to keep it within limits.

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There is a heat exchanger on the right side, you can see the fins on the other side of the right gantry rail below the black plastic cover.


Section 4.4 in the terms of service says: “modification of your Product voids the limited warranty.”

Lowering the temperature of the air near the intake is going to be the best option.

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You’re talking about the metal heat sink, back by the exhaust fan, which yes: is only on the Glowforge Pro.

Also, every Glowforge has a heat exchanger as part of the closed loop cooling system. It’s on the right side of the unit above the air intake.

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