Why your crumb tray is like your underwear

Because when one side gets dirty, you can take it apart and turn it over.
Then, when that gets dirty, you can swap end over end.
Then, when that gets dirty, you can turn it over again.
That gives you four clean corners :slight_smile:

Just like your underwear, there’s normal, back to front, inside out, inside out and back to front…

(Only jig users will understand this - if you just plonk things in your machine any old place - well, there’s no hope for you)


Nice tip, but if you’re taking it apart you might as well clean it :wink:

I like a nice bath of hot soapy water for 2-3 mins, then I hose it off. Blow the water out of it with a compressor if you got it, let it dry thoroughly. Good to go.


This reminds me of Big Hero 6, and I was just as grossed out by the visual now as I was then. :rofl:


So I cut a lot of MDF and that stuff is mucky. I have tried everything to clean it. Soaking, scrubbing, dish washer, power washer, blow torch, Drexel. I have soaked in hot and cold simply green, vinegar, Coca Cola… dishwasher did nothing but make the plates taste of MDF. Power washer made me very wet, but shifted nothing. The blowtorch worked by the honeycomb looked like it was about to warp.

My current solution is to laser it clean. Very slow, full power laser in 2mm separated lines, which turns the gooey gunk into dry gunk. Then I poke a pointy dowel into every hole.


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