Wifeys Cutting Board

So I made this cutting board for my wife and I was pretty proud of it so I posted it on Facebook, I got hit with dozens of requests to make people them and asking what I should charge, and I have no idea, what should I charge for something like this? Realistically I doubt anyone would pay an average laser engraving per hour fee for one of these. Any help would be appreciated.


This is a topic that has come up before:


Rummage around through those threads, they’re full of perspective and advice.

I like that cutting board btw.


Thank you, I immediately found something to help me
Edit* for some reason my phone autocorrected got doubt instead of found


Love the board itself. Gorgeous.

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You will be able to charge more money with the customization of someone’s name. Everyone loves to see their name engraved or a favorite family recipe etched into a cutting board.