Wifi in an RV

I recently moved into my RV full-time and will be stationary at an RV park with unrestricted Wifi. I keep getting a notice that says that there is an issue. There is no password for this wifi and the signal is strong. I am not sure if it’s 2.4 GHz or not. Has anyone else run into the problems? I would hate to have to pay for a mobile hotspot when I am provided with great free wifi!

Did you go through the setup process again (go to glowforge.com/setup on your phone or laptop, turn it on, hold the button down until it turns teal & follow the prompts)?

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Yes I did. A few times and each time I get the same prompt.

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I think that the security configuration may be the issue, as in not secure enough. If you are using a cell phone you could use it as a hotspot only for the time needed to transfer the data. Once it starts actually cutting I think it can drop the connection and still do the job.

Is there any way to go around the security configuration? Can I get a router or something that I can connect to the wifi service that I can then put a password on?

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There are others that have far more knowledge in that than me but you might talk to the office and ask for their expert to help. :thinking:

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you could get a wifi extender. If IT can connect to the wifi you are provided for free, then you could connect the glowforge to IT. Not the ideal solution, but it should work acting like a bridge.


Oftentimes free WiFi comes with a login screen - even if it’s just a button that has to be pushed it won’t work - but if you can log into the free one with an extender, and then log into your extender with your :glowforge:


I don’t know if it apples here, but when I used to travel a lot I used to clone the MAC address of the device I was trying to connect to the Wi-Fi. This would allow me to connect with my computer to the network and accept the log in screens. This was all done with the device off. Then I would disconnect and turn on the target device. Since it was now considered a reconnect of that device by the network so it was not prompted again for the screen.


  1. Figure out the MAC address of the :glowforge:
  2. Turn off the :glowforge:
  3. Clone the :glowforge: MAC on your Wi-Fi card
    (Tools online. Be careful reputable source though)
  4. Log on to the network with the cloned MAC from your computer.
  5. Disconnect and un clone on your computer.
  6. Go through connection process

Good luck. And hopefully there is someone. Else here that can validate that approach.

I used to do this for a chromecast device I used when traveling a bunch of years ago. It worked at hotels to bypass the logins.


So I ended up going to Verizon to talk to them about my hotspot plan and explained the situation. They actually told me that with my plan it comes with what they call Digital Secure which allows you to have a secured network using unsecured Wifi. Best part is you can add it to your other devices for free! MY GLOWFORGE IS UP AND RUNNING LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!

FYI I am using a Mac for anyone that runs into the issue of not being able to connect, but the same should apply to Windows.


Yay, I’m glad it worked out for you. Have fun &. post photos of your work.

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