Wiki: Shortcuts within the GFUI

This is a wiki where known shortcuts that are useful in the GFUI can be posted alphabetically.

#In Workspace
Arrows/Shift+Arrow - moves a selected object or group of objects, Shift+Arrow moves it in larger jumps
Ctrl Z - Undo one step
Ctrl+Shift+Z- Redo one step
Spacebar - Hold down while clicking and dragging to move the workspace

While Viewing a Trace

Ctrl :arrow_up: /:arrow_down: - increases or decreases brightness
Ctrl-Shift :arrow_up: /:arrow_down: - Fill in small details / preserve small details


Does anyone know how far things move with the arrows? I have noted that the up and down arrows seem to move more than the left and right.

Is there a shortcut key to select all?

Ctrl A selects all, Pressing the down arrow ten time moves the cut .125 in Pressing the right arrow ten times moves the cut .275 in. Pressing SHFT + down arrow moves the cut .5 in.

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That distance gets shorter and shorter the farther you are zoomed in. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any documentation about this, with numbers? I did my test at 100%.

Nope. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve inadvertently flipped shapes a few times, but can’t seem to duplicate that action when I want to. How is it done, and is it possible to flip while preserving the size/shape?

Depends on which software you’re working in. In Illustrator you can flip in the the Transformation menu. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, sorry, I didn’t specify because of the name of the thread, but they do get mixed up over time. I meant in the GFUI itself. :slight_smile:

Can’t do it in the GFUI. :neutral_face: