Wild Gears Spirograph



Don’t know if folks saw this on Ars, but clearly glowforge explorable (particularly with some of the crazy gear design sites/apps I have seen that allow arbitrary gear shapes):


Dang nabbit: first you make me want to get a 3D printer and now you are tempting me to start cutting gears! That will have to wait for next week. In the meanwhile the Glowforge is just performing flawlessly. It cuts so exactly every time!


I am a maker-tech enabler…


WOW! I loved playing with those as a little kid. He really does amazing work. :astonished:


I saw that article on Ars Technica earlier today and spent way too much time watching that guy’s YouTube channel. Here’s my favorite video so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRsOKNNkNlE


confession: I actually dreamt about using these last night, yes a xmas eve adult nerd toy dream!


I believe this has been posted before, but it’s still cool!