Will there be an August update soon?

I ordered/prepaid before Oct 25th 2015 and was told to expect delivery in July 2017. Its August and haven’t even gotten a survey for my address or any status that there are delays/problems.


The good news is with that order date, your order is ahead of mine. The bad news is, no Pros have been delivered. No international orders either. If you are in either of those camps no one has a clue when you will take delivery. If you are in BOTH camps it’s likely not even they have an idea.

Sit back, read some posts, there’s some great info to view while we all anxiously await the August update!


You seem to have missed this update that was emailed in June: Email update June 2017: Glowforge shipments underway, schedule update, and more

That pushed back the schedule to end of October.


People who don’t read the forum religiously and are relying on official updates may very well be under the mistaken impression that Pro shipments started on June 30th and everything’s going fine, whereas the data we have suggests that Basic units are coming out a handful at a time, zero Pros have shipped, Glowforge is disastrously and unrecoverably behind schedule, and we are once again left in the dark.


Yes that has been the case with all the previous updates. It was obvious to people with enough time on their hands to read the forum that there would be another delay but for anybody just relying on the emails it would be a complete shock.

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I read the updates every week or two, but I had gotten a somewhat recent email stating “by July”. That’s why I asked. There is a post about later, but I had assumed incorrectly (I see) that it was Oct for later or for pro’s. I suppose it gets here when it gets here, but I don’t understand how hard it could be to have a script look at the order dates and send an email update with a projection of when the address survey will come.