William Osman got hit by the Ventura Ca wildfire

William Osman, known for goofy laser cutting antics like the meaty Vin Diesel bust, seems to have lived in Ventura and didn’t fare well… :frowning:


Thankfully he made it out alive


So bummed for him. I love his videos, been watching for a while.

I have family/friends in Ventura and the areas around it that have been evacuated and wondering about their houses still. Hopefully they can get back tomorrow and that their houses are ok.


That sucks, a lot.

I’m also in Ventura. Been meaning to introduce myself for a while now. Guess it’s time. I might have some tools I can donate, provided my own stuff doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Side note:
my Glowforge is in a house not far from the Mandatory Evacuation zones. I left it behind the other day, in favor of items that fit easily in my car, which I could lift by myself. I am, frankly, nervous about moving it. And heading back into town before this all settles is just asking for trouble. But that might be my next move.


Yeah I just saw the video. i have have been thinking to get on here and suggest sending him a Glowforge as a savvy advertizing move. but now I think Sending him a unit may be a humanitarian effort.

Hope everyone out in Cali stays safe. Quite a few of my friends got hit by harvey and they have struggled to get everything back in order. I wish everyone could just load up a trailer with everything they own and save themselves the horror, but i doubt that a semi would fit everything in an average maker’s home.

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We shut down our office early in Santa Clarita yesterday because roads were closing down and the smoke from the fire 1/4 mile away was so bad. Soon after we got home, 6 miles away, we were under a mandatory evacuation order. We prepared to leave, but decided to wait it out because the smoke was so far from us. A couple hours later, it was lifted. All is fine in our area today. But fires still burn heavily elsewhere.


I wrote in a few hours ago, to offer my FSL 5th Gen, because I don’t plan to ever go back to it. Kinda figured that would be the best offer he gets. Your idea tops it, if that should happen.

But, based on how well his GoFundMe is proceeding, I don’t imagine either are strictly necessary.

well if that unt is still up for grabs i know of some people affected by harvey that would love it.

The key being that we both live here. I’m not shipping it!

Anyway, let’s give him a while to respond…

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