Winch for kid's playhouse

We got a new play set from the sad demise of Toy R Us a few weeks ago. When my four year old started throwing toys into the second floor, because she couldn’t climb and hold them, it became clear we needed a winch.
I made a quick design in Inkscape and using 1/4" plywood from Invetables I cut out the spool. Then using spacers, pulleys and bolts I had on hand, I attached it. I used a zip tie as the stop so that it would give if she put to much weight in or a kid caught on the string.

File is attached, but keep in mind I used 1/4" plywood that wasn’t Proof grade so you may need to adjust the boxes within the circles or redraw them. Spool .


Great practical application :sunglasses:
Nice bracelet also…


What a lucky little girl.



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Nice touch with the Zip tie! And that looks more like small house than a play set :sunglasses:

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What a fun idea! Awesome play set! Wow!

One of the greatest things I have ever read here.


Ratchets are cool! Neat project

I need to make something like this to lift myself out of bed in the morning. Great project.

so great! I want one too :slight_smile:

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Lol… she thinks she’s just playing, but she is actually learning about gears and mechanical practicality!