Window exhaust blocks

I upgraded my “stick the hose out the window” exhaust system today. My window is wider than the bed of the forge so I made two very thin boxes to sit inside the window frame. On the right I installed a quick-detach port, which sticks through to the other side and sits flush against the window screen. Still need to add some weather stripping around the edges.

The huge part I learned on this one was how to make automatic finger joints in Fusion360. Here’s the tutorial I followed:


Nice solution! :grinning:


That’s really clever. :+1: For cold climates or noise abatement, one could fill the boxes with insulation. Nice!


Probably should always fill them - in hot climates with A/C, you want to reduce the heat transfer as well as just when you’re heating your space.


What would you guys recommend for a Winding Window? Like the one here:

Depending on whether you wanted the window to be openable when not lasering I’d either remove the window and replace it with an acrylic replacement with an exhaust fitting & flappy door in it (dryer vent type). But that would not allow the window to be used. It is what I did in my basement. You might want to mount the acrylic in a wooden frame you could attach to the current frame for security. If you use polycarbonate instead of acrylic you’ll want to cut it with a saw as it’s not good to laser but it would be unbreakable and offer a bit more security.

Or if you want to be able to use the window when not lasering, then just make a plywood or acrylic sheet with the dryer vent mount but size it so it fits into the inside frame. You would open the window, pop the insert in and laser away. When done, just remove the insert and the window is good. I’d use a strip of foam insulation all around the insert to keep from getting any blowback and I’d mount a handle in the center to make it easy to put in & pull out.

I have side opening casement windows in the living quarters so when I move the GF to the air conditioned space I’ll make something like the second approach for that room’s affected window (unless my filter comes first :slightly_smiling_face:).

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