Windows SVG Support


If you are on a windows machine I highly recommend installing this extension to allow for thumbnails of SVG files in windows explorer:

With all of the SVGs youll be making, youre gonna need it!

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Thanks for the tip- I can definitely see this coming in handy!


Nice! Thanks for sharing


Oh my! That IS a handy little thing! :sunglasses::+1:
Works a treat so far…will let you know if the computer blows up.


Thank you for telling us about this file. It will come in handy. :relaxed:


are there any security holes with this installed?


Bless you! That will be so useful.


I don’t think so, but you never know these days. The source code is up there to sift through.


It probably will.
Get a Mac! ;-D


Can’t afford to repurchase all my software for Mac…(and paid too much for it going in the first time!) :smile:


Thanks!! It will be really useful, considering the loooong list of projects to come.


This is very useful. I’m getting so many designs and versions it’s hard to remember what is what.


Oh I know! After just one day of use I was surprised to see that it wasnt built into windows and also how many files I had already created. Its really helpful during the learning phase when you are making so many versions while trying to learn the best way to go about making files for the gf.


ian, what do you use? I also have a Mac.


I would have thought sleep deprivation was the greater cause of memory loss… :sleeping:


after 2 weeks of forgin:


I used to have a MacPro tower (2007) but the graphics card gave up last year, and i’ve now moved to an iMac. Not really as good, but i just can’t afford a new Pro nowadays.
All in all i’ve had about 7 Macs over the years.
I do all my illustration on a Cintiq 21", which i’ve now found out Wacom has stopped supporting, even though mine is good as new. At least it still works on OSX 10.12 but i’m going to have to be very careful with any OS updates in the future in case I brick it!