Wine bottle carry box

I recently saw a nice little wooden wine carrying box in a home goods store, and thought that would be a good project to make for gifts. Some of the compartments could be used for wine, and others could be used for olive oil, packages of pasta, etc.

Here is the original item I saw.

And below is the pattern I created, based on that, using the @kigster box generator as a base.

The darker lines represent 1/8" engraves for the inner sides and bottom to hold the inner vertical panels in place.

I made an extra triangular top piece for each end to provide additional support for the carrying handle. These extra pieces would be glued in on the inside.

The long bar in the middle at the top is actually a cut pattern (viewed from above) of a wooden dowel that would be used for the handle. I would cut off a small slice on each side and on each end to match the hole patterns on the ends of the case. I would also slice of a bit from the middle on each side of the dowel to make it flat to facilitate engraving a person’s name or whatever on it later.

Of course, you can also engrave logos, names, sayings, designs, etc. on the outside on the case to personalize it.

Now if I just had a GF to try it out…


Nice design! It’s a great idea for gifts! (And all the talk of olive oil and pasta reminds me that it’s way past time for lunch. Chuckle!) :grinning:


Great idea! This is similar to a design for a nursing-accessories caddy I’ve been working on–you solved the dowel question for me, so thank you!


I decided to slice the ends of the dowel so it cannot twist around in the hole. Also, with the slices only on the ends as long as necessary to go into the hole, the dowel will not be able to slide through any farther than is necessary. The circular part of the dowel will act as a stop.

Using a 1" diameter dowel, I would make a simple jig to hold it in place while the GF slices into it. Since the slices will be on the edges, and not down the center, the cuts should only be 1/2" deep or so. However, I would then turn the dowel upside down (as necessary) and repeat if the cuts did not go all the way through.


What a cool design! Can’t wait to see it made up.


Great, thanks for the extra detail.

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Looking pretty decent, but make sure the bottom is reinforced to the sides very securely. A 6 pack of wine bottles is pretty heavy, and it’s be a downright shame if they should fall and shatter.