Wine caddy for the beach


It’s a cold 55 degrees and cloudy on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, but that didn’t stop me from finishing the design of a wine caddy for the beach. The long legs are designed to sink into the sand, while the cut outs in the top hold a bottle of wine and two glasses. Disassembled, it lays flat; the legs detach and store inside the tray and it easily fits inside a backpack.


Nice design! :grinning:






As a beach (and wine) lover…let me just say. …Home Run!


Whoa! Way cool and innovative!


A most excellent design! Now you just need a box to hold the wine, glasses, and stand that fits a backpack?


What a great design! So elegant.


Looks like a winner


I never would have though of that… I don’t think I’ve ever been on a beach where booze was legal!


Then you should plan a trip the US Virgin Islands! No open carry laws, just don’t be drunk. Everybody other than a church sell booze and gas stations have bottle openers to open your beer for you. At a bar with a glass and want to leave, ask for a carry cup and go on your way.

Takes a while to get used to and gives me trouble when I go back home and forget. :wink::wink::wink:


I would be more worried about broken glass on a beach than drunks.


I have some glasses similar to these:
Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Safe for beach and concrete/tile floors. Most people pickup and carry their glass bottles back to the car for disposal at home. The rest use plastic (red) cups. Except for a few, not too many drunks. I guess because its not a big deal (prohibited) to drink in public. Not much teen drinking either (more cannabis :sunglasses: which is prohibited)


On most of the beaches we frequent (CT, MA, NC, VA) glass is prohibited so we’d need plastic wine bottles (we have plastic wine glasses from camping :slightly_smiling_face:).


Fantastic! Looks great and seems to function perfectly.


Well - Sun on the beach - that came out beautifully ! Beach can also be the woods, grass, not just sand for this stand ( although it is pretty beachin !) !! Well done!


But then it is spelled Beech


Very nice wine & glass stand.


Very nice!