Wine Tumbler Jig For Fiber Laser

Although this jig was cut using :proofgrade: draftboard on the Glowforge, the tumblers were engraved on a 50W fiber laser, with the point of this post is to give information to anyone here who has or is thinking of getting a fiber laser to compliment your :glowforge:. Additionally, you’re all welcome to “Ooooh!” and “Aaaah!” over the jig too.

I got a request to laser engrave 140 Wine tumblers for a scholarship fundraiser and knew that engraving their logo on my 50W fiber laser would be the quickest when using a jig. The engrave time for each of these is 2 minutes, 38 seconds. To swap the tumbler for the next one takes ~7 seconds. Rotary compensation enabled in lightburn, I did these in 2 passes. I had help from my nephew knocking these out. Using a rotary tool on my other laser would have taken considerable more time, so for single sided designs, the fiber is best.

*video sped up


Anyone who uses one maker machine to make jigs for another maker machine has my eternal maker respect.


Those look amazing!


OK. Now I’m running off to look at the EMP laser. 2-1/2ish minutes for each is pretty cool.

I like the jig also. Putting both a both a front and back bump stop seems like overkill though. Did you find it useful for both or just used the front to help stiffen up the jig?

Adding link for other people that are curious:
EMP Fiber Lasers | Aeon Laser USA


Probably could have gotten away with just the back stop, but with a tapered tumbler I didn’t want to slide front to back. The mugs fit in perfectly every time, so I know that I’ll always have the logo placed perfectly. You’re right, probably overkill, but my design OCD kicked in and wanted something I could use repeatedly.


That EMP is interesting but it is the AEON that caugh my eye. If I was going to upscale and had the ability with the power and bed size to cut one inch thick wood at furniture size, I would go for that over engraving cylinders any time!


The mira 9 is definitely a workhorse. I do a lot of tumblers and water bottles on a piburn grip, which is amazing. But I wouldn’t have wanted to do 140 wine tumblers on the CO2 as it would have taken way longer. But for full wrap designs, it’s amazing.


I’ve definitely been there before! The big thing is that it worked.


This looks handy


How much would you charge me to make me a cut file exactly like this but for a different tumbler? I have no idea how you made it :joy: or where to start but I need one bad… one I made is janky and I have 57 tumblers I have to make and I’m guessing everytime

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What kind of tumbler is it?

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Here is a jig I’ve used in the past for similar tumblers. Try this first.

Tumbler Jig


Oh thanks so much ill try it real fast


works great thanks so much