WIP: Death Star Turret


Hi all,

It’s New Years, so what am I doing? Starting a scratch build of a Death Star Turret that’s what. I’m actually a little hesitant to post as I’m fairly early on in the process but hoping that a WIP thread will keep me going. I expect slow updates though since I usually only get weekends to tinker.

Anyway with that disclaimer…here are some pics.

There are a ton of reference photos online but for now I am working on massing based off of this bit of drafting.

I’m using water color paper, card stock, and thin card board for the white model. I fully expect to change materials before I’m done.

With an X-Wing from the X-Wing Miniatures game for scale.

Goal is to create enough of them to populate a Death Star trench run game board and a few highly detailed ones for my sons display shelf.

More as I make it…


It’s gonna be really cool!


Great start to an excellent idea.


I love this board game, please keep posting your progress and hopefully your plans when your done!


Sweet design! :grinning:


This is an awesome idea. We have a ton of the Star Wars Miniture game stuff. I really like the idea of making some turrets and other things to go along with it. :grinning:


It’s looking great @jed_ike! I posted this a while back, thought you might find it useful:


Nice. Awesome project. Keep posting!


Thanks all :slight_smile:

@joshnmary484 the files are a mess right now but if I come up with anything shareable I will.

@3d_g33k Yes, saw that on tested, but thanks! The article is fantastic! He is definitely in another league. Still should provide lots of good insight on how to approach the build.

Back to work…more soon(ish)




Got a little time to work on this tonight. Overall I’m hopeful that we’ll end up with something good. My main focus is currently on materials and surface armor. I’ve switched to Bristol for the smoother texture and shamelessly borrowed bits of the CAD for the surface armor from David Goldbergs build.

Here’s a pic of where the top two pieces stand now straight from the GlowForge.

I’ve also been messing around with using markers to get get a sense of how I want to color it. Nothing I’m to pleased with yet but quick and easy.

On my to do list is:

  • randomize the armor a bit
  • draw armor for the bottom two sections
  • design a rigid structure for the interior
  • add layers to the exterior
  • cannons of course…
  • 50 other little things

More when I have it…

(Typed with my thumbs…pardon any typos)


Fantastic progress!


The Force is strong with you!


Made a bit of progress this morning. The paper craft version is now layed out for 11x14 Bristol. Impressed at how well the camera is lining up at the moment. A little off but so much better than it has been!

Here are the SVG’s in their current draft form for anyone who is interested. Non commercial use only etc…please post a pic if you make one :smiley:

DeathStarTurretDraft_1.zip (18.3 KB)


I have a friend into xwing, ill whip these up for him to try. I only have kraft paper and cardstock though


Cool! They are definitely in progress. Still haven’t build the cannons or any support structure. Still a good base to start with.


Got any rules in mind for them? I can pass them along for play testing.

I assume you are on BGG as well?


Yep! We have played Dagobah Dave’s Trench Run rules and really enjoyed it. Will use these for that as well as for a diorama.


Still not sure how to best paint this thing… probably would be easier if I made it out of of something sturdier and added some dimensional appliqué.


The markers looked good up above. :slightly_smiling_face: