Wireless phone charger

I’m working on this design. There is the first try and the new improved model. Still have some rough edges to smooth out.

Anyone have some pointers ?


Looks great to me! :grinning:

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Design-wise, I would round all the corners, even if just a bit.

I would also consider putting that PCB on the back of the unit with the jack pointing down. That way the cord will approach from the rear and could be invisible.

Process-wise, I would sand out the pockets you engraved. It might help reduce the odor, it will give you a little more room, and it will provide a better surface for whatever your adhesive is.


Yeah I thought about the cord. But the PCB is too big to manipulate like that unless its incorporated into the stand somehow.

Would be nice to have the port insert from the back though

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Solve the cable issue by picking up one with a right-angle connector.

I’ve gotten a few that came with different purchases, but you can get them from Amazon.



Well duh. That I didn’t think of that lol. That’s why a community is so great…


Great idea!
I’d suggest making the front lip that the phone itself will sit on deeper (as well as radius the corners as @GrooveStranger suggested) …


Welcome to the community! The learning never stops … glad you’re having fun!