Wishing all of you a safe 4th of July


Just want to say Happy 4th to everyone and what ever you have planned be safe we don’t need any emergency room visits this holiday.


Happy 4th! :fireworks:


Happy Birthday USA! :dizzy::confetti_ball::clown_face: ::fireworks::boom::dizzy:


Happy Birthday, 'Mer’ca. Let’s blow up a piece of the US of A in celebration!!!



Happy Independence Day to the US of A!


Happy Independence Day, Yanks! :grinning:


Celebrate the birth of your country, by blowing up a small part of it!


For some reason I had a vision of @henryhbk or @Jules attempting to etch Happy 4th of July on a sparkler stick or some black cats.

Dont do it… Lmao

Have a safe holiday!!


Happy Bithday to the USA :us: May freedom ring :tada:


Chuckle. Speaking of black cats…little Demon was outside on the driveway again this morning, and not in a good mood. (Obviously had the op. She’s all shaved.)

(I refuse to call that cat LuLu.) :roll_eyes:


Happy 4th…I’ll drink the 5th.


Hope everybody has a great 4th. I’ll spend it sucking tenacious secretions out of tracheostomy tubes.:grinning:
Thankfully, it looks like a slow day, at least so far.


That does not sound like a great way to spend the day! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Could be much worse, at least I’m not the patients that require my help…


Very true! :neutral_face:


I’m in my hospital too. Lots of tedious tape removal off the instruments. But it is time & 1/2 so…


Just remember… 21 years ago, this man sacrificed his life to save the world.


My niece just emailed this to me. It’s a photo of her cabin on the Metolius River in Central Oregon. She hangs my dad’s Navy service flag across the front every year. It’s huge! I never knew it until today and am very touched.

Wishing you all a happy 4th of July!


I’ll give myself double time by throwing in 12 hrs of PTO (vacation pay) for the day. Never use that stuff up anyway. Who needs vacation when your work 3 says a week.


I’m acquainted with the 3 day work week as mom works here as an RN also. Dad has to get on her about using the PTO at times because she rarely just uses it. But by years end she takes bucket loads of days because she refuses to sell them back or max out.