Woo-Hoo, Got my Arduino Starter Kit!

Thanks to this thread (don’t want to hijack it): Beta project "the console" (Star Trek Lighted Console with Adafruit)

I got my starter kit yesterday, and have completed the first two projects so far…SOOOOO cool!

My whole life I’ve always wanted to learn about electronics and what all those little components did, and got a basic good understanding from studying for & passing the HAM Radio Technician test a couple or so years ago, but now this hands on kit is REALLY making it all click & come together for me…

Like, duh, how did I not realize on my own that it’s a COMPUTER and a PROGRAM that makes it do what it does…lol. As silly & obvious as that sounds, I never realized that stuff was behind it all, and always wondered “HOW do they make it do what it does?? How does pressing this button make those lights act in the manner that they do?? How can just some wires and little doo-dads make it act how they want it to??” LOL, duh, it’s a program! I have to laugh at my child like innocence of that.

Anyway, pic of the first (and of course the most simple, just a simple circuit like you make in grade school with a battery, wires, and a flashlight bulb; not even a program needed) project; I didn’t take a pic of the second one yet which does have programming and makes a sequence that you can control, will later…

I’m so stoked. Thank you to @jkopel and @markevans36301 and everyone else here…


My daughter, the electrical engineer, gifted us the Uno without the breadboard… Haven’t played with it yet but I need to…lol
Glad you are having fun and learning😀


You might enjoy this YouTube channel:

especially the Fundamental Friday segments.


I played around with 555 timer integrated circuits (the 1980s version of Arduino) back in the day. I told myself if my nephew got into Arduino I’d pick one up and learn it to have something to talk about with him. He did. A couple months ago, I ordered the same kit he got but it never arrived. I eventually demanded my money back and was too busy with other projects to bother ordering from another company. All this talk about them here may remotivate me. Keep sharing!


Do it! You might be amused to know that a couple years ago I took some circuits that originally called for a 555 and redid them with Arduinos (actually not the big board, but the small IC in the same family that you can use by itself). In 30 years there has been progress. Less power consumption, more stability, way less electrical noise from doing it the digital way.


If y’all start digging the arduino, I backed modulo.co when they were just a kickstarter and can tell you it’s a nice fun but of kit to play with.

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One of the most fun gifts I got my father many years ago (an electrical engineer) was this kit for you 555 aficionados:


Had my kids solder it for him (they were little at the time)

We also built this one as well: http://shop.evilmadscientist.com/productsmenu/762


There’s tons of info online, but I thought the “programming arduino” books by Simon monk are pretty good. Definitely gave me a good start.


The way you are so excited is contagious! I have a hard time getting so worked up about it as I have been messing with it since the early 70s. This is how excited I was for my first cnc I’ve never been gifted with undue accuracy on a band saw or any other saw for that matter.

Wow, kind of gave away my age didn’t I?


That thread inspired me to get one too, and I felt the exact same way when it arrived yesterday! Immediately tore it open, and really looking forward to playing with it all weekend!


Cool site - thanks for linking!

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Try a synthesis of Arduino and GF accuracy, a puzzle box for the 'young-uns".