Wood Animation



Very cool projects in various types of animation/motion, all using wood, but no reason other materials couldn’t be used if shape was the primary characteristic that changed.

Jumping Fox:

Project notes here:

Geometric Shapes:

Project notes (and other animations) here:


Kickstarter Project Page:


Oh man, some super cool stuff. Thanks for sharing!


I know its not wood but probably the first example of doing laser cut animation.


Looks like wood to me. Just, you know, refined a little bit. :wink:


My guess would be MFA project? Of course, having a hammer (or at least the promise of a hammer at some point in the future), now everything looks like a nail, but it does make you wonder “How’d they do that without a Glowforge?..”

Nice video.


That was amazing! The time. The thought. The Files…


…the big box of cut-outs that you have to figure out what to do with afterwards