Wood brooch made with Padauk

Hi everyone! First post here! This wood brooch I did from one of my fan art illustrations for the movie The Shape of Water. I had released enamel pins of it a couple years ago which have been long since sold out, but I occasionally still get people asking for it or buying the stickers so I thought I would experiment with it and try to make some brooches out of some 1/8" Padauk I had sitting here. I put the settings to proofgrade Cherry Hardwood settings and it worked perfectly for both the cut and engrave. I did do two passes on the cut just to ensure it cut all the way through. I did not use any masking.

I did not use any sealant or oil after, this is the natural color as it is. I did take a magic eraser to it after it came out just to clean up areas that got a little resin-y.


Beautiful! I LOVE padauk - such a beautiful wood!

Thank you! I attempted to cut some earrings from what I had left from the “carcass” (I use up all my materials, every useable space!) but some of them broke trying to free them from the wood. They were cut word shapes and I think it may have had something to do with how I positioned the pieces along the grain that made some areas weaker.

I don’t usually work with wood so this is a learning process dialing it in.

I think Padauk is the prettiest of all the woods.

This looks great! I love padauk, but I’m a little angry with a padauk pen blank at the moment lol

I beg to differ. Natalie is the prettiest of all the Woods!

But Padauk is a great one too. I need to see that movie.