Wood Business Cards

It only took me about 8 tries…

Wood came from cardsofwood.com
Settings -
Text was Engrave 1000/20
Logo was Score 500/8
and the hole was first 500/16, then another pass at 400/16, then an X-acto knife. Clearly this last step needs refining. The “problem” is the card stock has a plastic middle and if the pass is too slow or too strong it melts the plastic onto the surface. Also cutting through when I want the back to be burn free is better with the last pass by hand.


I bet if you do it now the scored logo will look even better.

Clean corners was released today, your overburn will probably be majorly reduced.


Trial and error is part of the process. Thank for supply link.

I ran those cards today. Maybe the image is too small to allow much noticable slowing down and speeding up.

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The firmware updates may take up to a week to make it to all customers.

Nice touch of having the open doors on the house!

I used wood veneer cardstock–was about 12-14pt thickness, but no plastic middle, just paper backing, so it cut really well, though wished it were a bit thicker. Though suppose you could glue two sheets together to have wood on either side–didn’t think of that then…

I used cherry, and my etching didn’t have much contrast, so I actually printed the text on my laser printer and then cut them out on the GF (thanks to snap marks!), so was a much faster process, too. My primary intent was to cut out a special shaped edge…

Oh, I love the little doors. What a classy touch!

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I also like the windows. Would be cool if you could find a way to incorporate them on the back.

I don’t see anything on the site about a “plastic core.” I have some of their two ply, though. I’m going to have to play more with it. I think I’ve just used the single ply so far. I love how pretty it looks after a run through my color laser printer.

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Nice! I have been deep engraving different sized pieces from quarter inch scrap trying to make something cool enough looking that folk will keep them about and show to friends.

With all the fancy things done with standard sized business cards, if it gets in that stack it might not show up again.

Agreed. The idea of the hole was an afterthought. And after about 6 hours total of getting just one that I liked, lining up the back was not in the cards.

A good idea for another day.


Does this upgrade apply automatically or do we have to issue it manually? Thanks.

Very slick! I’d imagine the plastic inner layer makes it more durable than just veneer.

It’s automatic when the machine powers up, but just not to everyone at once.

Thanks for the info.