Wood Glaze/Sealant/Gloss/Varnish Recommendations

Hi! I make a lot of wood items with engravings on them, does anyone have any recommendations for some glossy finish waterproof sealant?


Good news, there have been a lot of threads about this, you can rummage through them all.


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I like spar varnish. Several coats with light sanding between.


These 2 products are excellent. You want the product to be for the outside — so get an exterior poly.


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I look forward to seeing the wood items that you make.

I suggest that you learn to use the search function here in the forum and you will be well rewarded with information shared over the past four plus years.


Thanks, when I typed in gloss on the search function I didn’t get the responses I was looking for, this link helps

Yupp I am aware of how to search things just typed in the wrong key words I guess haha… the first person’s link was useful though thanks anyways

The forum is built on a platform called Discourse, it’s got notoriously tricky search quirks. Add to that the jargon-y nature of laser terms and it’s definitely got a bit of a learning curve. You gotta know the lingo before you can search for it, you know? That’s what we’re here for, we’ve all been new once! I look forward to seeing what you make, I love hardwood projects. :slight_smile:


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