Wood glue not working?

So i don’t know if anyone else has this issue or if I’m doing something wrong…
but I’ve been using wood glue on some Proofgrade plywoods and the wood glue is just not sticking. I’m having to use super glue instead which seems to leave a residue as it drys, especially in closed spaces (for example making a box).
Does anyone have tips or alternatives?

Proofgrade material is “finished” - it has a protective coating applied.

You can remove the finish with light sanding, although I’ve never needed to for edges/cut parts.


You can also set a light engrave in the :glowforge: so remove it where you know you’ll be gluing


Something like e6000 sticks to almost everything. It’s a very tough flexible glue.


I have also used a deglosser product that seems to do the trick, but a light sanding is quicker and cheaper.


Applied with a Q-Tip it’s wicked fast to do.

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True story, and at my old location, when I was somewhat organized, it was very handy. And it doesn’t take much at all, so it’s not really much of an expense.

The posts above that discuss the deglosser are referring to a product like this:

It doesn’t dissolve the glue in the joint, but the dried glue around the joint.

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Try the gel version of super glue. Will stick two faces of :proofgrade: ply together with less mess. If you are trying to glue a cut end to a face, design something different, because it will always be a weak joint.

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