Wood heart Awards


this time i made pine awards
let me know what you guys think and what i could do to get better thanks!!!


Consider something like this… Valentine’s day gift for my wife from a few years ago. Might have been one of my first “artsy” creations on my 'forge. :slight_smile:

It’s 5 layers of wood. All have the same exterior outline. Three “fat” ones look just like the topmost seen in the picture. Two “thin” ones have a larger interior cutout. There are two sheets of clear acrylic that fit the inside outline of the “thin” layers. So they get stacked in to 5 layers, wood (fat), wood (thin)+acrylic, wood (fat), wood (thin)+acrylic, wood(fat). The two small hearts rattle around between the two clear acrylic layers.


Love the look. The way it’s cut and stained/finished, it doesn’t really look like pine


Nice concept! Great idea and execution. Those hearts are great looking!

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For an award it is a really nice design. I like how it stands up on its own. From the first picture, I don’t know if it’s the wood, the sealant, or just the light hitting it in the photo, but my only suggestion would be to sand the wood a bit to smooth it out. Could be just the photo, but the roughness makes the “New Beginnings” a little hard to read.

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That’s what I was seeing as well, the wood needs a nice sanding.

The staining is gorgeous, especially on the one on the right.

If you are going to sand there is also the option of filling the lettering in with a coloured spray paint or resin, then when you sand it’ll clean up any edges. It’s generally easier to read light on dim then dark on dim - but keep in mind if it’s easy to read in person, please ignore this advice!

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This is really a neat design!

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