Wood Living Hinge Eyeglass Case

Hi Friends,
I just finished my latest project, a wooden living hinge eyeglass case.
They are going to keep my 3D printed prescription glasses safe and looking stylish!

I designed it using Fusion 360’s sheet metal tools.
Just because the tools are called sheet metal doesn’t actually mean they’re only for metal…
This is a video of the finished case

I designed everything in 3D and then Fusion 360 created the flat patterns for me.
I used Fusion 360’s CAM functions to create my toolpaths, including kerf offsets!
Send everything to my Glowforge and had my eyeglass case in my hands 26 minutes later.

The glasses themselves were also designed in Fusion 360. I 3D printed them and had a local optical shop make me custom lenses.

I am absolutely amazed by what you can do with Fusion 360 and the Glowforge.

For anyone interested to learn how I made this case, I am going to host a live YouTube session On Thursday Feb 21 at 3:30pm where I teach you how to make this case step by step. Here is a link: 360 LIVE: Mastering Wooden Living Hinges.
The live session will be recorded so you can watch it later, but I would LOVE it if we had record setting attendance to the live session.



Pretty amazing, and the lid closes with such a satisfying snap. Wish I had your F360 chops!

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Very nice!

Sounds like you’re volunteering to do a tutorial on the sheet-metal tools :wink: oh,never mind, just saw the note.

Right? I pride myself on being a decent amateur in F360 but I pail to a pro.

Looks great! Like the lining too.

I especially like the jeans lining and the magnets - oh, and the beautiful design. Actually I guess I love it all.

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Very nice case! Working to learn Fusion 360 … Look forward to your tutorial!


Definitely ‘looking good’. Well done.

Like the magnetic snap

Very nice! (Also like the 3D printed “Potter” specs…there are makers, and then there are Makers!) :smile:

I LOVE magnets!!! What a great idea!

NICE!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Note to all: I edited my post to include a link to my LIVE webinar. It will be on Thursday Feb 21 at 3:30pm MST. It will be recorded in case you can’t make it, but I would LOVE it if you could watch it live and create record setting attendance.


As usual I’ll be making big rocks into little rocks but I look fwd to seeing the recording.

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