Wood needed

hello I have been looking for types of plywood with the tape already on it. does anyone know by any chance where I can purchase it? its like the plywood that comes included with the glow forge.

As far as I know GF is the only place that has the tape already on the material. You can purchase the tape on Amazon and tape the material yourself.


Check out 1a:

As for ore asked that’s going to be harder to find. Maybe Trotec, Inventables or johnson plastics? They’re dedicated laser material providers.

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There are some laser friendly suppliers that have cropped up and I believe some offer pre-masked materials. If you don’t get an answer here, try one of the larger GF forums on FB. It’s definitely cheaper to mask it yourself, but obviously a bit more time intensive.


shop.glowforge.com :smiley:


I’ve always tapped my own, even made a jig to tape it down. The one I got was on Etsy for about $10, very much worth it. With the jig I can have a pannel covered perfectly both sides in less than a minute.


Romark color shop woods are pre-masked:


I’ve made many purchases from https://www.laseredbythecreek.com/

and have always been satisfied. They offer options of no masking, single side masking or double side masking.


Got a link?

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Only thing I needed to get special was a dowel


quick question do you guys know if when you buy the wood it comes pre taped?

It’ll depend on where you buy it - there have been a number of suggestions in this thread. When you’re looking at the description it will say something to the effect of “this comes masked”.

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