Wood Pins that are printed

So I wanted to figure out a way to make wood pins like the ones that you can buy on alibaba or Zapcreatives, because once covid settles (if it ever does) I wanna make them for conventions.
I have found that clear sticker paper with a coating of U.V resin works well.
Here’s the results :slight_smile:


Those are fun. Make them now. Conventions will be back one day, but not soon I fear.


Very nice. I like how the color pops and is sealed in.


The doming effect is cool, too. Looks pro.


Looks really interesting. Thinking that green ribbon needs a forked tongue. I have used tiny magnets instead of tie-tack pins, as they do not put holes in but they don’t hold as tight either


Looks great.

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I think these will sell well for you! The clear sticker paper looks good, especially with the resin…nice work!

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Those do look great!

One thing I’ve been playing around with is laser printing (in color) on wood veneer and then gluing it onto a backing and using resin on it. Love the look of the printing on wood. Are you using the polyester sticker sheets? I’ve got a stack to also play with, but now that I have Snapmarks, I’m finally able to do these with more accuracy.

Also, do you have a favorite UV resin? I’ve got some that’s OK, but sort of finicky.


Adorable … and I love your backer!

These pins are super cute! I wish you much success with them.

Hey, @ChristyM, have you tried Little Windows resin? I’ve tried a bunch of different resins and that one has by far been the best for doming (although you can cast with it too). And doesn’t make bubbles nearly as bad as some.

Oops, sorry, just noticed you said UV. The Little Windows stuff is 2-part. I too would like to know of a good UV resin.

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Haven’t tried Little Windows… I will check it out. I mostly use Art Resin for 2~part, but I’m always open to new things.