Wood Plaques

What are some good retailers to buy blank wood plaques need a couple Alderwood

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Where are you located?

Im in Atlanta

Lamar M. Ware

If anyone will know it is probably @evansd2

Not really. I got tripped up on the alderwood requirement. I mean you can go to hobby lobby or michaels right now and get plaques and whatnot in pine and probably oak… but alderwood is a bit more specific. I googled it last night when I saw this post (“alderwood plaque”), and they’re out there from specialty awards sellers, but I figured @lmware916 probably already looked at that.

If you need it immediately here in Atlanta, you could try calling rockler or woodcraft, they may have some?

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Yup - I was going to suggest Rockler or Woodcraft for quick stuff, although alder isn’t “typical” in their lineup in our local one here in Denver (Rockler), so maybe not.

Googling local wood suppliers should warrant locations that would have it, but most likely you’ll need to mill it / cut it to specifications.

Also - is there a specific reason for Alderwood? It’s pretty soft from what I remember (I haven’t worked with it in a while) and while it’s a pretty stable wood, there’s a lot of common species out there that may match or even exceed what you’re looking for.

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Thanks I’ll give them a try.

If you can buy wholesale. JDS is a good source. I don’t know if they sell retail though.

These are nice too