Wood Project

I need to make this emblem on Wood and I haven’t done any wood projects any advice on what settings I should use or how I should prepare the image?

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Worrying about settings is putting the cart before the horse and you need to work on your file first. There’s just no way to guess at settings without knowing that wood you’re using and what it is you’re trying to achieve. (Are you just engraving to logo into wood, are you making a 3D duplicate of this entire medallion, etc.) One suggestion I do have is to find a cleaner version of the logo to work with and go from there. There’s a bunch of designing info in this link that might help.


what exactly do you want for an end result and how big? are we engraving on a patch for a hat or are we creating a 24 in. wall plaque?

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Thank you! I would like to make a 3D duplicate of it, they want it for a park bench. Is there a particular wood that you suggest using?

They haven’t given me the exact measurements yet, but they want it for the back seat of a park bench.

That outer circle looks like red oak. The inner stuff has much less defined grain, possibly maple.
If you want to do the entire thing out of one, I’d stick with the maple with its subtle grain.

The GT will just require cutting those out and staining them the two different colours - and then gluing them back together. The Tornado you can probably do with a mix of a 3D engrave and staining (you could also do inlays, but that’s more complicated). The letters and the stars also cut out, stained and glued. You can do the circles around the frame with a 3D engrave - you’ll want to create a gradient with a black line in the center and getting lighter towards the edges. It’d take some time, and a lot of sanding once it was done, but it’s doable - way easier if you have a router though!

As with any big project, if you want it to be larger than 11.5 inches (and on the back of a bench you may very well want to), you’ll need to figure out where to split the design so you can do it in parts.

SO! You have a lot of design work ahead of you. Luckily the individual parts aren’t too complicated so start with the lettering since that’s the easiest, then move on to the stuff that’ll need a 3D gradient.

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